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daughter of  kings.
12 January 2014 @ 11:17 pm
Comments on how I play this character? Please post them here! All comments are screened.
daughter of  kings.
06 February 2012 @ 01:46 am
Player LJ: zarahjoyce
Player AIM: zarahjoyce14
Plurk: zarahjoyce

Character: Éowyn
Character Journal: womanofvalor / womanofvalour
Information: Niece to Théoden King, sister to Éomer. Noblewoman of Rohan. Slayed the Witch-King of Angmar. Married Faramir of Gondor. At the end of the book, she lives with him and reigns as the Lady of Ithilien. For now, though, her timeline is set during The Two Towers.
Accessible to: Canonmates, people/characters who've read LoTR
Please contact mun before: I think spoiling her with future events is fine, as she'll end up not believing them anyway. Thus, conflict would be awesome.

Approved application can be found here for detailed information on character history and personality.

Her canon will be a mix of both mediums, so deviation from the movies will happen.
daughter of  kings.
03 June 2011 @ 11:23 am
The Golden Hall slowly emptied of its occupants in silence, until only Éowyn stood in its midst. Her hands, she realized, were shaking. She curled them to fists and willed herself to stop trembling.

Through their parchments she knew of her brother's journey home, but none of what was waiting for him in Edoras. As soon as Éomer had stepped down from his horse did the treacherous worm's men seize him, and dragged him in front of the king. There, Wormtongue sneered and leered and accused her brother of treachery.

"That is a lie!" Éowyn could not help but say, even as she knew it was out of turn.

Then Wormtongue's despicable gaze turned towards her, and he said, "My lady, I beg you to be silent. This matter does not concern you."

And her uncle grunted as if in agreement.

As she had feared, Éomer's actions of setting three strangers free to roam Rohan without the king's consent had come now to haunt him. And thus, he was sentenced to be imprisoned indefinitely, and without trial.

All this, with her uncle's consent. With Théoden King's approval.

Éomer's shouts echoed in the hall and rang in her ears, and Éowyn bowed her head. The worm had managed to outwit them again - and again, they proved powerless against his atrocities. Bile rose in her throat as she remembered his silent gloating, his quiet glee at the turn of events, and again she wished she could do away with him.

She could not, of course, until her uncle's support of his adviser had ceased.

And until then, as Lord Faramir had said, they must endure.

But for how long...?

Éowyn raised her head, and turned at the sound of someone approaching. One of the servants had come to collect her brother's things, stripped from him before he was brought down to the dungeons. She shook her head at the boy and said quietly, "I would attend to them myself."

And she did.

His sword was heavy, as was his armor. The last she had picked up was his satchel, and as she did so a small roll of parchment fell from it. Recognition quickly hit as Éowyn realized that this was her brother's link to the community.

And she knew exactly what to do with it.
daughter of  kings.
How can one lose a loved one and do nothing?
daughter of  kings.
28 February 2011 @ 01:24 am
"My lord?"

Éowyn covered his hand with her own, and looked intently up at him. Théoden King, seemingly worn and weary and well beyond his years, merely grunted and barely moved his head as acknowledgment to her presence. Yet this she did not heed, too used and numb she was to this response. She smiled and said, "I have wonderful news. Éomer and I, we--"

"Indeed, my lady Éowyn?" From out of nowhere came Wormtongue's voice, and she stilled, unable to move or breathe. "Wonderful news have been far and few as of late. Precious, desired - as is the one who bears them."

She turned and glared at the king's adviser. Éowyn risked a glance at her parchment - the one that, unknown to her, somehow managed to convey this scene to others - and then looked at Wormtongue again.

He sneered at her, approached and said, "Come, speak, my lady. Surely your words would uplift the heart of our beloved and troubled king - and surely you would not begrudge his humble adviser the same happiness?"

Éowyn grabbed the parchment, lest he saw and recognized it for what it was. "Whatever words I may have, they are only meant for the King's ears. Never yours." Quickly, she bade Théoden King farewell, and left the Golden Hall.

[ ooc: action post for Éomer, video/text/whichever for others ]
daughter of  kings.
07 February 2011 @ 03:22 am
Another day had come and gone, and still her uncle persisted in doing nothing. It was akin to witnessing a man decay even before death had claimed him; a most unfitting fate to a man as kind and just as Théoden King.

And she was powerless to put an end to his suffering.

All of them were.

Éowyn rose from his side to quietly retreat to her chambers. She felt eyes following her movements - always, always she was watched - and she turned her head and lo! The despicable Wormtongue. Oh, how she would delight in plucking those eyes from his head, had she the power to do it!

Seething, she hastened her steps and only breathed when the door was shut behind her. Éowyn closed her eyes for a moment, calming herself. And then she walked to her bed.

An odd-looking parchment on top of her sheets immediately caught her attention. A letter? From whom? She expected to receive none today; her brother was due home by nightfall and this was made known to her days ago. This could not be a missive addressed to Théoden King that had somehow ended up here, as Wormtongue received each one personally and kept them as if they were his own. Then what--

A horn echoed in the distance, and soon the familiar sounds of men and their horses could be heard. Éomer! Her brother had arrived. Éowyn grabbed the parchment and hurried out of her chambers, intent on welcoming him home.

Edoras was less of a cage whenever he was here.